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How Expense API benefits software vendors and their clients

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These days, most organisations rely on software to manage their finances, from accounting and card management to payroll and HR.

Expense management is one area that’s often overlooked or underserved by finance software. That’s usually because it sits outside a vendor’s core offer, or it’s not viable for them to develop in-house. Until now.

Findity’s Expense API take the hassle out of developing an expense management product for existing apps or software suites. Here’s how.

What is Expense API?

Expense API lets finance software vendors integrate and configure ready-made functionality – from receipt scanning and approvals to mileage reporting, per diems and integrated card transactions – from Findity’s expense management platform within their own product.

Unlike the white label offer – where we configure a ready-made expense solution in another company’s brand – the Expense API, we provide the engine, and you define the user experience. Partners use our Expense API as the building block for their own expense solution within an existing product suite.

Not another app. The benefits of Expense API

With white label expense management, partners deliver our expense solution in their own brand colours. As part of our offer, we create web clients, and iOS and Android apps. But, many financial systems already have their own app and web clients and don’t necessarily need or want another app.

These companies have an established customer base that they serve with innovative software, and the Expense API allows them to embed expense management within their existing software or product suite.

The Expense API handles all activities from onboarding, setting up clients, creating expenses, approvals, and finally, delivering bookkeeping data to the finance department. Configurable, pre-built components can be toggled on or off as needed, speeding up the time to market.

This approach provides tighter integration and enhanced user journeys. By selecting the Expense API and integrating our expense management platform into existing software, partners can create a more seamless user experience, giving their product a more cohesive look and feel.

Delivering value with Expense API

The choice between white label and Expense API really depends on the needs of the partner. Many companies prefer to build their own interfaces and user journeys powered by our expense management platform. Others are looking to access a ready-made expense app that they can deliver in their own colours and brand.

The great thing about Expense API and white label solutions is that our partners get 100% of our expense platform and 100% of our support. This includes a partner account manager, sales and marketing support, a developer portal, tech support, and knowledge base. That’s because their success is our success.

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