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Manage Expenses with Any Card, Anytime

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Without question, one of the jobs we all spend the most time avoiding is switching suppliers. In our personal, as well as working lives, we just can’t deal with the hassle. It’s why price comparison websites have thrived for over a decade. 

Expense management is no different – which is exactly why we’re so big on flexible, customer serving solutions here at Findity: and allowing anyone, using any card, anytime, anywhere to effectively manage their expenses. 

Not To Brag

When we run through our list it’s going to seem like we’re a little biased… and that’s because we are! But as you’re reading, really think about what those benefits mean for you and your team. Imagine we aren’t here and think about how much of a pain that switching providers is in the short and long term. It would be handy if you could avoid all that, wouldn’t it? 

Improved UX

Our new card solution significantly improves the overall user experience for employees – as they can create expenses using any card, for any transaction. While that in itself might not mean much to finance teams, it’s with remembering that, as with any piece of tech, user adoption is critical. Things getting easier and easier for them means fewer headaches for you! 

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Numero uno. Top of the list. Your team. They will love you if you give them a solution that works with any bank or card. If it helps them move along with business changes and not get caught up in the chopping and changing you’ll be a crowd favourite. 

They say you can’t buy someone’s affection, but you can certainly skimp on it. If your team knows your expense management is handled via one solution – and won’t get easily misplaced – that’s going to give them a lot more confidence. They’ll learn how it works and begin to rely on it. 

In The Money

As someone much cooler than us once said – “it’s all about the Benjamins”. Switching software just because you’ve switched banks or cards can be a very expensive exercise – and for what? 

If you’re interested in effectively managing your expenses, can you really justify adding another layer of complexity into the mix – if you really don’t have to? Just use Findity and pair your transactions with your receipts – hassle free. No matter where the payment came from, just link it up – it’s as easy as that.

Working With Others, For You

Not only does Findity work with all accounting software, it holds all your transactions in one place. Add one, some, all or none of your cards. Use it however your business needs to. Regardless of the banks or cards you use, Findity can be the constant that you rely on.

Look, we know we’re biased. But Findity really is built FOR all users – from employees to finance teams. It’s always been our goal to create a tool that actually serves the people it’s designed for. It’s flexible, fit for purpose, highly customisable, and is as precious as the second rarest metal on Earth. Ok, that last bit isn’t true – but the rest certainly is (!).

If you want to find a better way to manage your expenses, contact Findity today.

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