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What is white label expense management?

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Expense management is no fun for anyone. From safely storing receipts to keeping a manual record of mileage, manually managing expenses is a hassle. Most people just want to get it done and get reimbursed as soon as possible. By white labelling an expense management app, card providers, accounting firms, and finance software companies can make this happen for their customers in no time.

What it is

White label expense management puts our tech in your brand. Card providers, accounting and payroll firms, and finance software companies are the three types of partners we often work with. But what do they have in common?

They all share a need for an integrated and easy-to-use solution for expenses that adds value for their customers. In an ideal world, their customers want to easily manage every expense in one place, including receipts, mileage, per diem, and even bank cards. With a white label expense management solution, that becomes possible.

Why it’s beneficial

Think of it this way. Why build your own expense management solution when you can buy and adapt ours? It’s ready to go, tried, and tested. All you have to do is put your colours on it and configure the functions you and your customers need. Development time is minimal – especially when you compare it to building an in-house solution, from scratch. Here’s how you can benefit:

Card providers

We’re in the digital age. Instead of employees paying for expenses on a corporate card and keeping paper receipts, card providers can now offer an app which streamlines and digitises the entire process. By adding our white label expense tech, card providers increase the appeal of their offering, providing both the means to pay for expenses and an easy way to manage them.

Our solution helps users easily make an expense from a transaction. They take a photo of the receipt – which the OCR scanner reads and processes. The app then creates an expense which is sent to their bookkeeping or payroll service. With everything digitalised, expenses can be done in minutes or even seconds. Not only does this save time, but there’s also less room for human error.

Accounting and payroll services

Accounting and payroll providers work with many clients, and building solid relationships with them is essential for sustained business. White labelling our expense management app is one way to add value while creating an additional revenue stream.

When an accounting or payroll service provider already handles expense management for a client, our white label solution makes their job easier. Consultants can manage all their clients' expenses in one tool, making the workload easier across the board. It also unburdens their clients’ employees from the time-consuming task of manually managing expenses. On top of that, we provide second-line support – so if there’s a problem, we can help fix it.

With Findity, you get a close partner and a relationship built on mutual trust, loyalty, and communication. We keep the dialogue going between your business and ours, so we can improve and add value to our product where you need it the most.

Finance software providers

Since our first-of-its-kind expense management solution launched, the market has changed. These days, companies purchasing finance software increasingly expect some kind of expense management solution as part of the package. Adding an expense app increases the appeal of an ERP, accounting or bookkeeping product.

Finance software companies have a few options: invest time and money in the development of their own expense app (which usually results in a slimmed-down product, say an OCR scanner), integrate others' expense apps (with no control or kick-back) or partner with us and integrate our tech in their own colours.

Where to start

The truth is, when it comes to white label expense management, there’s really only one place to start. At Findity, we’ve been doing this for years – with more than 30 white label partners in 6 markets – we’ve had time to refine and perfect our offering.

Whatever your needs, white label expense management from Findity gives you kick-ass expense management without the cost of in-house development. It’s also a great way to upsell your customers or give them something a little extra, on top of your existing offer – making people feel expense happy.

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