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The hassle-free way to manage mileage reporting. Give customers the convenience of adding trips with just a few taps. Our system handles the calculations, ensuring accurate and ready-to-use mileage reports for streamlined bookkeeping. 

Findity. Milage.

Next-level mileage reporting

Drive efficiency with intuitive mileage functionality. Make logging journeys, whether round-trip or one-way, a breeze. Automated calculations turn mileage reporting from tedious to smooth and swift for your customers.

Flexible trip tracking

Easily input trip details, including starting and ending points. Options for round-trip and one-way journeys.

Electronic driving log

Precise and hassle-free tracking through integrations with preferred electronic driving logs.

Automatic calculation

No more manual calculations, our technology automatically calculates mileage.

Accounting compliance

Ensure compliance with accounting standards effortlessly, as our functionality is designed to adapt to regulatory changes.

How to report mileage

Select mileage type

Select mileage type

Start off by selecting mileage type and add info.
Add the route

Add the route

Add the origin and the destination of your route, and the distance is calculated automatically.
Automatic calculations

Automatic calculations

The amount owed is calculated automatically, always up-to-date with local regulations. Save and submit for reimbursement and accounting.

More features in our expense management platform

Expense claims

Manage all kinds of receipts in one feature. Our technology adds receipt capture, automated analysis, and accounting compliance to your product suite.
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Per diem

Simplify per diem reporting, accelerate approvals, and ensure compliance with accounting standards. Whether it's daily or periodic allowances, our automated calculations eliminate manual effort.
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Universally compatible, use the inbuilt tool or your existing mileage tracker to make mileage claims even easier. Go your own way. 

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