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Visma Spcs wanted to offer their customers an advanced expense management solution that could simplify the complex expense processes. While the market had several solutions offering receipt scanning and basic expense management, clients were increasingly demanding a versatile, user-friendly platform that could handle advanced functionalities like mileage claims and per diem expenses.

The Visma Spcs team recognised that they had to make a choice between continuing to develop their existing add-on service in-house or find an alternative that would live up to both existing and future demands. Instead of taking time from their own developers to improve their old service, it would be more efficient and cheaper to find another solution. Visma is keen that the users’ experience is in line with their strong brand characterised by quality and service and therefore did not want to resell a third-party solution.


Visma wanted to keep the solution in the Visma Spcs brand, and they wanted a reliable partner who’d be in it for the long haul, someone who’d keep making the product better. The choice fell on Findity, which, with its complete focus on expense management, offers partners a platform to create their own expense management solution through APIs or as a white-label. Together, they created Visma Utlägg.


Visma Utlägg streamlines all expense management functions into one app. It is smooth and easy to use for users and approvers, incorporating advanced features such as dimensions and organisational structure for administrators.

With seamless integrations to systems like Visma eEkonomi, Visma Lön Smart, Visma Administration and Visma Lön 300/600, the service fits nicely into Visma’s offering and is popular with customers. Since October 2020, the number of companies using Visma Utlägg has increased by 100+ every month. The service is a natural part of Visma Spcs’ offering and packaging.

One of the best things about our collaboration is that both Visma Spcs and Findity always listen and try to provide solutions. We are very happy with the collaboration, both in terms of the more strategic and hands-on aspects.

Adam Wetterstrand Business Owner Payroll, Visma Spcs

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