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Release notes

Pre-release Notes | 2023-06-30

New functionality

  • Possibility to hide the logout button (web) on the Client application level.
  • We now support reporting report status to Fortnox bureaus API for new accounting.


  • Performance improvements in the report view.
  • Amount validation fix to handle foreign currency.
  • The problem with creating expenses from Amex transactions is now fixed.
  • The problem with editing a report that belongs to a deleted user is now fixed.
  • Multi-select in the Report view: If you select one report and work with another report, you still have your selection marked.
  • Removing a split expense, an error message was previously displayed on the report.
  • The cogwheel is now also displayed for real-time transactions (Authorized), so you change the purchase to “Private“ on corporate payment liability.
  • Improvement Fortnox - The functionality of the Sync button on Fortnox integrations is now fixed.

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