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Release notes

Pre-release Notes | 2024-03-08

New functionality

  • Improved UI text for the balancing report, making it easier to select the date interval.
  • The setting “Do not use tax accounting for abroad purchases” is now the default for new templates.
  • Mileage sent into xLedger with passenger names now contains the names of the passengers sent in a comma-separated field.
  • Mileage sent into xLedger with passengers traveled parts of the trip now contains the sum of the distance traveled for the passengers.


  • Improved handling of list with many organizations when attaching organizations to a consultant.
  • Changes to default columns after activating API. The Client secret column is now displayed as default.
  • Improved handling of tabs in the report view for administrators.
  • Fixed an issue with meal benefit date when using a date-picker control.
  • Improved validation of overlapping dates for subsistence allowance travel.
  • Improved validation of input forms for fleet management before submitting the form.
  • It was possible for an administrator to re-invite himself/herself to the organization with unwanted results. That is now blocked.
  • In some cases, entertainment expenses showed more entertainment types than the category allowed. This has been fixed.


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