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Release notes

Release notes | 2022-03-02

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New functionality

New admin gui

New and improved administrator interface with a brand new expandable menu and things neatly organized with tabs to more clearly display all settings.


Hotfix 2022-02-11

  • Disconnect Quickbooks page

Hotfix 2022-02-02

  • Adding consultant failed

Hotfix 2022-02-17

  • Corporate card transactions - Failed to be stored correctly

Hotfix 2022-02-09

  • Cost centers not shown in dropdown (report level and fortnox)
  • Balancing report gives incorrect accounting amounts for other currency using new accounting

Hotfix 2022-02-03

  • Modified calculation of last-day subsistence allowance on domestic and international multi-day trips. Affects Norwegian organizations only.
  • An accounting error when using salary recipients for Norwegian mileages has been corrected. The recipient now gets correct data for all extras like road toll, gravel road etc.
  • Handelsbanken missing dimension values in balancing report for new accounting
  • clientApplicationName variable not set for balancing report in CE-Prod
  • My purchases authentication does not work

Other improvements


  • FEP-4602 CardTransaction fails to commit
  • FEP-4487 Fortnox salary new accounting does not correctly update the status of sent records when an exception occur
  • FEP-4173 Variables in PAXml generator are encoded as UTF-8, need to be ISO-8859-1
  • FEP-4655 Norwegian "night supplement" not correctly added to salary recipient
  • FEP-4671 Incorrect Debits amount logged for new accounting for abroad purchases
  • FEP-4653 Cannot open meal benefit expense in dashboard
  • FEP-4651 Invited users cannot create account
  • FEP-3873 VAT information missing in pdf for new accounting
  • FEP-4528 Invalid redirect url when connecting fortnox using new oauth
  • FEP-4523 Report cannot be rendered as PDF with mileage map
  • FEP-2337 Balancing report gives incorrect accounting amounts for other currency using new accounting
  • FEP-4516 Report cannot be rendered as PDF with mileage map
  • FEP-4633 Duplicate accounts in BAS 2017 template
  • FEP-4237 Voucher references can be deleted in RTS for non-current recipients if report is opened
  • FEP-3932 Balancing report  timing issue
  • FEP-4562 Cost centers not shown in dropdown (report level and fortnox)
  • FEP-4511 My purchases reauthenticate does not work
  • FEP-4441 Incorrect API call generating http error
  • FEP-4343 Annoying nudging experiences
  • FEP-1826 Error when sending zero-amount allowance to payment file recipient with new accounting
  • FEP-4433 Salary recipients for mileage (old accounting) cannot handle dual tax-free items
  • FEP-4563 Wrong language files in NR
  • FEP-4489 Extra row output in mileage when using salary recipient and accounting numbers (old accounting)
  • FEP-4468 Backend: Todo view is not refreshed when coming back from "show report" in approval todo-item
  • FEP-4447 Notifications cannot be found, notifications disappear
  • FEP-4393 Norwegian miscalculation for domestic multi-day
  • FEP-4429 Edge and Chrome different behavior in OCR analysis
  • FEP-4117 No option for Department while adding a user using "Enter more fields"
  • FEP-4490 Small calculation error in Norwegian allowance
  • FEP-4472 Report preview hangs in android 5.0.8
  • FEP-3679 Partner gets a malfunctioning activation mail for newly created users
  • FEP-4171 Cannot approve report when user has been soft-deleted and restored
  • FEP-4555 VAT empty in admin view
  • FEP-3891 Foreign currency is displayed incorrectly for the approver in the accounting
  • FEP-4559 Iris: Type to category search in an org can give inconsistent results
  • FEP-1943 Approval: Possible to save conflicting temporary approvers

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