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Release notes

Release Notes | 2022-09-14

New functionality

Policy warning

Now expenses that might be based on a reused receipt (duplicate detection) will be highlighted in the report view for the administrator. Learn more about the feature in the video below.



The new authentication when connecting to FN, that uses the fortnox user instead of the current integration key, will now store the connection with the FN service account. With that the connection is not dependent on the user.

Transaction status on expense

Show status on expense that is based on card transaction, i.e if it is authorized (Reserved) or Invoiced.



  • Fix for importing users via the excel template, problems could occur with employee no that have the wrong format.


  • FEP-6010: User list sorts one page instead of full set of users


  • FEP-6132: FTG debit transactions warn about mandatory payment method and comment


  • FEP-6117: PX validation errors (Unknown error)
  • FEP-6112: Not able to send corporate card report with mandatory comment (new backend validation)


  • FEP-6101: Not possible to change payment liability in User form
  • FEP-6102: User list does not refresh
  • FEP-6110: Always show the select column in user view
  • FEP-6100: Email field not wide enough in Invite user dialog

Other improvements

  • FEP-5754 Xledger new expense: Improve error handling if expense type dimension value not set for category used
  • FEP-6176 Procountor: Connection window does not close after Set / Change API key
  • FEP-6197 New Visma PX backend validation not run in apps
  • FEP-6217 Api server does not start due to bad slf4j dependencies
  • FEP-5178 Date format differ between new and old balancing report
  • FEP-5348 Admins cannot download reports after they have been extracted
  • FEP-5946 Console error on Files tab, new Reports view
  • FEP-6140 Not possible to sort on Administrator column in User view
  • FEP-6224 Modify texts in "Invite users" dialog to make it easier to understand
  • FEP-6216 Users are not listed
  • FEP-6001 Organization structure page retrieves all users before displaying org structure
  • FEP-6231 Employee number/Presets no longer set when inviting from temporary users
  • FEP-6242 Extra columns created in user view table on each Fetch of temporary users
  • FEP-6232 Missing English string
  • FEP-6166 Bad error message for duplicates in dimensions
  • FEP-6193 Warning about "all history" needs new wording
  • FEP-6171 Add missing digital signature strings
  • FEP-6156 A type error exception occurs if attempting to import users with numeric employeeids
  • FEP-5898 Can't delete dimensions
  • FEP-6138 Administrator field not correctly set when importing users
  • FEP-6212 Cannot search on user full name
  • FEP-6129 Can no longer send in business card expense report after having received a new credit card
  • FEP-6223 removeExpiredEmployees never finish in prod
  • FEP-6198 The systems can send out multiple invitations to new users
  • FEP-6124 User filter for 'Not activated' in user view does not work
  • FEP-6208 "mail sent" flags in settings_asjson not updated
  • FEP-6209 Strings missing for error messages
  • FEP-6147 Xledger new expense: Missing currencyAmount field for mileage
  • FEP-6211 Restoring an employee with opencard incorrectly removes opencard contractid suffix
  • FEP-6167 Opencard invoiced card transaction not added to report when card has been removed and recreated
  • FEP-5188 Optimistic locking when generating mail for balancing report
  • FEP-6172 Visma Agda (new accounting) - Will only show one report number per user
  • FEP-6132 FTG debet transactions warn about mandatory payment method and comment
  • FEP-6143 Corrections to updateSelfOnboardingEvents
  • FEP-6102 User list does not refresh
  • FEP-6100 Email field not wide enough in Invite user dialog
  • FEP-6101 Not possible to change payment liability in User form
  • FEP-6110 Always show the select column in user view
  • FEP-6195 Warning triangle on every report in admin view
  • FEP-6220 Balancing report does not work for "old report"
  • FEP-6146 Cannot search users with pagination max when offset param is missing
  • FEP-5633 Slow API call to list org marketplace items
  • FEP-6117 PX validation errors (Unknown error)
  • FEP-5878 htmlconv times out rendering pdf for big reports
  • FEP-6010 User list sorts one page instead of full set of users
  • FEP-6073 Android did not load client application for Email Receipt in prod for FindityExpense.
  • FEP-6098 Change name for DATEV integration
  • FEP-6033 Very slow deletion of users in large organizations
  • FEP-5995 Xledger new expense: Missing currencyAmount field for representation and wrong gravel flag for mileage
  • FEP-5288 Reports for persons without selected language is not indexed
  • FEP-5931 Drivers log: Connect vehicle doesn't work on the first tab
  • FEP-5624 Xledger expense marks all expenses failed upon network error even though some expenses were booked
  • FEP-2302 Not possible to simulate card transactions
  • FEP-5942 Xledger new expense: Missing date field for representation
  • FEP-4991 Xledger accounting does not handle 0 amount reports
  • FEP-5856 Open org link on partner page
  • FEP-5392 Import dimension values from excel only handles 10000 value

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