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Release notes

Release Notes | 2022-10-05

New functionality

Excel recipient

Added additional fields to provide options to have debit and credit accounts in separate columns.


For customers and partners that build integrations to our APIs, we now have support for client secrets that can be used to obtain access tokens and refresh tokens. This will provide a standardized usage of authorization in our product and also a foundation for controlling the user's logged-in sessions.

Duplicate detection

Added functionality in the Admin report view and the approval tab. To visualize detected duplicates also in that view, previously supported only in the Ready to Send view.

ISO payment file

It is now possible on the Payment file ISO 20022 integration to add a Service Id and select the type of payment as normal or for salary (none/SALA).

Web client and proxy

If using the proxy (Swe: Ombud) feature, the drop-down was not wide enough to display long names. Now it is.



  • Delete icon in edit report mode only showing on expense with expense violations
  • A wider field for delegate

Other improvements

  • FEP-6477 On SSO login token expireIn is fetched from CA
  • FEP-6482 Backend must support autorizationCode when login redirects directly to api
  • FEP-6430 xLedger new expense: Repr. number of days wrong for chosen dates
  • FEP-6483 /customfieldscripts fallbacks to Sparakvittot script
  • FEP-6463 java.lang.ClassCastException reported in exchange when sending report
  • FEP-6455 Exception from updateTransactionsWithBillingItems Nvbs Infra AB - 8ab28a5a8388424801839221fe010c01
  • FEP-6240 New balancing report retries forever
  • FEP-6371 Reports moved to RTS according to log still reside in TRANSFER
  • FEP-6365 Milage - Cannot set description to mandatory and make it work
  • FEP-6385 Graylog elastic move
  • FEP-6011 Replace Integration Xledger is not working
  • FEP-6384 Bulk send does not check the "do not send emails" setting
  • FEP-6388 Restored accounts might still have DELETED status
  • FEP-6308 New templates do not get PaymentSettings
  • FEP-6292 Urgent Xero filtering on Manual Journals
  • FEP-4050 Subsistence allowance paidAmount not recalculated depending on company settings change
  • FEP-6369 xLedger new expense: Milage fields - remove currency
  • FEP-6480 Type column missing in license dialogue on CA level
  • FEP-6496 Bulk send dialogue does not list partners if only one CA is linked to mail template
  • FEP-6398 Tip field shows NaN (not a number) when clicked
  • FEP-6429 Support icon visible during login and onboarding
  • FEP-6457 Wrong output for SALA in ISO 20022
  • FEP-6418 Mobile onboarding uses CA name instead of org name
  • FEP-6466 Balancing reports not listed
  • FEP-6420 Finnish translation mistakes
  • FEP-6377 Mobile onboarding: Some wizard steps not updated in the database
  • FEP-6366 Broken language files
  • FEP-6215 Cannot save email invoice on customer (paper -> email)
  • FEP-6328 Typo in Swedish UI
  • FEP-6084 Enterprise customer benefits loading time
  • FEP-6137 Wrong default for "Invite on Save" checkbox
  • FEP-6267 Delete icon in edit report mode only showing on expense with expense violations
  • FEP-6037 Information on invoice rows incomplete
  • FEP-6039 Calculation of user licenses not correct
  • FEP-6441 Visma HR Plus stops working if dimension names are changed
  • FEP-6295 Authdbexception:Parameter index out of range (11 > number of parameters, which is 10)
  • FEP-5725 Visma eEkonomi gives org.grails.web.json.JSONException when description contains a linefeed character
  • FEP-6464 Mileage map not rendered by Google API
  • FEP-6277 Fortnox gets FOUND_IN_OTHER_CA despite the org resides also in Fortnox CA
  • FEP-5933 New balancing report cannot handle accounting with smileys
  • FEP-6235 Swedish allowances: Night supplement included when calculating taxable meal deduction
  • FEP-6246 Warning triangles in Report Admin view remain after conflicts resolved
  • FEP-6245 Not updating temporary user list after the sync
  • FEP-6255 Job fails because subjob not created yet
  • FEP-5422 No warning triangle when the sync has stopped because of expired refreshtoken in fortnox oauth connected company
  • FEP-4957 API-version is not available for consumers in exchange
  • FEP-5414 The incoming mail message is no longer logged
  • FEP-6278 Dimension won't be saved in Hogia Public systems
  • FEP-5423 expense paidAmount not updated when swapping
  • FEP-6297 Duplicate warning in Report Admin view remains after Approver resolves conflict
  • FEP-6368 New Xledger expense: Not all relevant dimensions are externally controlled after switching to new xledger expense module
  • FEP-6239 Identity provider fieldSettings should override ca settings
  • FEP-6313 Oauth2: Nullpointer exception thrown by token endpoint when sending in invalid JSON
  • FEP-6265 endDate is not removed when restoring the user
  • FEP-5839 Reports end up in status OTHER
  • FEP-6341 Android: Cannot save reports that include expenses normally
  • FEP-6300 Can not log in to Fortnox in stage
  • FEP-6244 Sorting arrow icons in the user table header are facing the wrong way
  • FEP-4111 Apps are posting null values in updateexpensereports calls
  • FEP-5856 Open org link on partner page
  • FEP-6108 Multi-select feature
  • FEP-6107 Two First Card tabs
  • FEP-6106 Remove action buttons
  • FEP-6105 Newly added MP corp cards don't show up


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