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Release notes

Release Notes | 2023-01-18

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New functionality

  • NetSuite integration - we now have an integration to the journals in NetSuite accounting.
  • File integration to Visma Business NXT.
  • File integration to SD Worx LON02 format.
  • Connection and Sync status are shown on integrations.
  • File integration to SAP Payroll and Travel Expense file formats.
  • New API endpoint for correctly reporting the status of reports. External Integrations using API should use this new endpoint to report SENT or FAILED.
  • Balancing Report is now CSV based, as the Excel file wasn’t reliable. Customers will be migrated during Q1. 
  • You can prepare and save a Template without accounts. This can be good when creating a template where the accounts are synced from an external system, e.g. Xledger.

Save templates without accounts

  • We have removed the pane ‘Paid expense reports’ on the web client for organisations that don't use this feature. This has earlier been removed from the apps. The users with one or many paid-out expense reports will still see this pane.
  • From 1/1 2023, there are amounts changed for Mileage and Allowances. Findity takes care of the Tax-free amounts; for the Taxable amounts, the organisations will have to change on their own.
  • The Advanced settings form for allowances has been redesigned to make it easier to use.
  • Multi-edit dimension in User view is now possible.

Multi edit dimensions

  • New car type for Electric cars added for Sweden.

New car type



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