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Release notes

Release Notes | 2023-06-15

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New functionality

Improvement of Xledger Accounting integration

We now include currency. Earlier, the currency of the Xledger organization was used, which in some specific cases didn’t work.


  • Improvements to Connect/Disconnect and sync tab on the integrations dialog.
  • Fixes for split expense (added by an administrator) that was missing on the report.
  • The problem with Volvo on-call trips not being created correctly is fixed.
  • SIE files were sometimes generated incorrectly.
  • Message history on a rejected expense was reflected on all expenses in the report, this is now fixed.
  • Problems with creating partners are now fixed.
  • Accounting bases pdf could not be fetched when the report owner was removed, this is now fixed.
  • Improvement Xledger integration - we have fixed the rates for the taxable part of Mileages.
  • When a user gets a new card number, not all ongoing transactions are updated correctly with the new card number.
  • When trying to add a user that has an email address already occupied as an extra email address, we now display an error message why the user was not added.
  • Fixed missing report link on message history.
  • Mynt cards now are strict “Debit” types to ensure no incorrect setups are done.
  • Fix for corporate card settings that previously showed default accounts even when not used.
  • Previously we had a problem with setting payment liabilities for a user with more than one corporate card, which has now been fixed.
  • Using the API recipient, you could not send in a report if the user was removed, this is now fixed.
  • Norwegian allowances now report full days, as requested by the tax authority.



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