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Creating optimal customer experiences: Navigating in-house and external tech

Tuesday, 31 Oct / On-demand

About the webinar

Are you ready to dive into the world of optimal customer experiences and discover how technology can supercharge your growth strategy?

Watch us and Visma Spcs in an engaging session where you will learn how to create seamless customer experiences within your product suite, understand the crucial factors when considering your customer's journey, and explore various ways to enhance the functionality of your product suite. Plus, gain insights into safeguarding customer experiences when integrating external technologies. By joining us and Visma Spcs, you will gain actionable knowledge to elevate your strategies and pave the path toward unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Meet the speakers

Eric Damberg, Business Owner – integration, Visma spcs

Eric Damberg

Business Owner – Integration, Visma Spcs

Findity. Emil Andersson

Emil Andersson

Head of Marketing, Findity

Findity. Contact us

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