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Release notes

Release notes | 2023-02-02

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New functionality

  • Partner view - improvements when adding a new consultant. A new check and error message is given.
releasenotes 20240202

  • Partner view - you can now show external source ID if wanted.
Skärmavbild 2024-01-29 kl. 11.10.51

  • You can now find the Support option in the left menu on Partner level.
Skärmavbild 2024-01-29 kl. 10.14.34

  • Connect API - When updating an export (voucher package), we should always set the export to “PROCESSED“ since an export should only be touched once, and after that, it is always processed. Even if some vouchers are set to “failed” since they will be added to a new export when sent in again.
  • Tightened security for the reset password function


  • Improved messages when deleting a report.
  • API - Creating new users and setting user survey now works again
  • The UI now correctly shows when a report can be approved by an organization administrator or report administrator.

Latest updates to the Knowledge base

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