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Release notes

Release Notes | 2023-09-01

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New functionality

  • Improved UI texts when creating receipt-based expenses.
  • Minor updates to SEPA files. We have added CtrlSum and ChrgBr to the payment info. 
  • If an expense is connected to a company card purchase, and the payment liability is with the company, the Payment method (betalsätt) field is locked since no payment method should be selected.
  • We now provide a direct access to the Manage input fields dialogue from the Dimensions tab.

access to the Manage input fields dialog from the Dimensions tab

  • Modified email templates for
  • Connect API: New endpoint for reporting status is now released. We now have a complete set of API’s for external parties to create their own customer-specific or even global branded export integrations; like bookkeeping, payroll or other outbound systems. More info in our developer portal


  • image added to mail templates image library.
  • Visma Agda - Filtered integration. A new file integration that can produce CSV files in the Visma Agda style, but with the special feature to only include or exclude certain salary codes.
  • Showing more decimals in the exchange rate field if required. For instance, if converted from currencies like Japanese Yen or Vietnamese Dong, since the exchange rate is often 0,000435 and such.
  • Now showing exchange rates with up to 6 decimals, to make more sense of currencies like Japanese Yen and Vietnamese Dong.
  • XLedger Accounting - improvement. We have changed fields for information regarding total amount, from amount to regAmount, which is the correct place to put it.
  • Mileage - fix for google maps API to prevent unexpected routes.
  • Minor fixes to date recognition.

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