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Release notes

Release notes | 2024-04-08

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New functionality

  • For Administrators - In the User view a safeguard has been added to avoid accidentally removing administrator rights during user import.
  • For Administrators - In Ready to Send you can split the list of reports into several groups. You will find the setting under Organization / Settings / Expense management / Reports workflow / Advanced settings. The setting is called “Number of report groups”. The feature simplifies report processing when several administrators work simultaneously in Ready to send.

Ready to send

  • For users - Norway and Per diem - for selected international destinations the calculating is done on a daily exchange rate.
  • For Administrators - In the user view it is now possible to filter on the License type. Danish per diems can end up with a very small, even negative, total. To compensate for that, there is a fallback rule that guarantees 25 percent of the total before meal deductions. The fallback rule has now been implemented in our calculation of per diems for Danish organizations.


  • Meal deductions for Danish per diem have been corrected to always be based on the 24-hour per diem amount, instead of by-hour fractions.

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