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Release notes

Release Notes | 2022-08-29

Sprint: R9, R10, R11

New functionality

UK mileages

Support for passenger reimbursement for UK mileages.


SCIM can now be added to our marketplace.

Split expense

Now we also can split expenses that are based on a corporate card transaction. Will be released after the app release.

Expense limitations

On an organization level our customers can set size restrictions on receipt images and also maximum number of expenses that can belong to a report. To help customers that have employees that create larger reports (pdf) that the external system can process. All current customers will have unchanged settings, only customers with problems need to apply these settings. Will be released after the app release.

Visma eEkonomi and Visma Lön Smart

Improved synchronization to Visma eEkonomi and Visma Lön Smart. Changes to user information will now be updated.

Excel file recipient

Additional fields on the Excel file mapping for Norwegian mileage.

ISO20022 payment file

Added support to write your own text on bank statements. Also added currency to support multi-currency accounts.

Expenses based on corporate card transactions

Show status on expense that is based on card transaction, i.e if it is authorized (Reserved) or Invoiced.


Hotfix 2022-06-27

  • Slow duplicate check

Hotfix 2022-06-30

  • Fix for opening Subsistence Allowance category settings for Finnish accounting
  • Fix for category preset dimensions in matrix
  • Fix for excel recipient to sum up rounded values (Handelsbanken)
  • Fixes in automatic invoicing and tool for using new invoice data in old invoicing page
  • Added possibility to clear dimension presets on categories
  • Translation fixes for Finnish

Hotfix 2022-08-17

  • Making sure all expense validations are executed when saving expenses

Other improvements

  • FEP-5876 Wrong total amount is showing in report view
  • FEP-6054 Mileage expense preview broken
  • FEP-6008 Netvisor: Issues with sending mileage reports
  • FEP-5452 Export users to excel does not properly populate dimensions
  • FEP-5995 Xledger new expense: Missing currencyAmount field for representation and wrong gravel flag for mileage
  • FEP-5241 Can't send in report that had rejected expense
  • FEP-5624 Xledger expense marks all expenses failed upon network error even though some expenses were booked
  • FEP-5964 Expense validation not executed if previous validations errors occurred
  • FEP-5692 SENT_BACK_TO_USER history missing
  • FEP-5960 Scim needs to update externalSourceId on person as well
  • FEP-5676 Remove deleted users fails to remove users due to several different reasons.
  • FEP-5942 Xledger new expense: Missing date field for representation
  • FEP-4991 Xledger accounting does not handle 0 amount reports
  • FEP-5850 Cannot open Subsistence Allowance category settings for Finnish accounting
  • FEP-5837 Dimension on category
  • FEP-6092 Pagination broken in tab Accounting consultants in user view
  • FEP-6091 Delete button inactive after selecting all matching users in user view
  • FEP-6064 Cannot connect to Automile if secret key contains eg %
  • FEP-6050 Able to add expenses with maxExpeses on report from within mileage, meal benefit, subsistence ect.
  • FEP-6036 No spinner/progress bar/feedback during mass selection in the user view
  • FEP-5792 Web - Date field not locked on a split expense
  • FEP-6041 Payment settings dialog on organisation level not showing all options
  • FEP-6032 Select "all search hits" actually selects "all users"
  • FEP-6023 Cannot save value for field Consultant role in edit user dialog
  • FEP-5996 First and/or last name easily deleted when inviting users
  • FEP-6001 Organization structure page retrieves all users before displaying org structure
  • FEP-6003 Licenses checked during search in user view
  • FEP-5972 Wrong license name is shown in new Users view
  • FEP-5977 Able to add more expenses than allowed to a report when a limit has been set.
  • FEP-5922 Save button is enabled when user is picking time for reminders, but should be disabled
  • FEP-5971 Typo in help string
  • FEP-5956 Forever progress bar after receipt size limit error
  • FEP-5951 Help text missing for Reminders page
  • FEP-5931 Drivers log: Connect vehicle doesn't work on the first tab
  • FEP-5856 Open org link on partner page
  • FEP-5392 Import dimension values from excel only handles 10000 values
  • FEP-5816 Slow duplicate check when having many duplicates
  • FEP-5842 Wrong error message for Amex DE
  • FEP-5708 Handelsbanken CHB file sum not correct because of rounding
  • FEP-5721 Dimension in matrix not working after category preset fix
  • FEP-5832 images missing when rendering a report from renderaccount
  • FEP-5906 Currency not visible in Excel output for UK allowances
  • FEP-2408 Searching and filtering does not work on "Files" tab in Reports view
  • FEP-3796 The link to download or take a look at PDF for files falls away when selecting Date Interval.
  • FEP-6080 Sorting not working on column admin in user view
  • FEP-5872 Empty VAT lines in report output for zero-amount VAT rows
  • FEP-5853 Fetch of services from complete inactive page returns an empty array
  • FEP-5744 Xledger new expense: Double sync of dimension is possible
  • FEP-5855 Xledger new expense: missing row sent to xLedger
  • FEP-5070 Fortnox recipient dialogue hangs when changing static API key after synchronization
  • FEP-5848 SCIM error "Multiple users found by username" when more than one deleted user exists
  • FEP-6000 User search does not sort search hits as expected
  • FEP-5929 New user view - refresh after invitation is missing
  • FEP-5940 Clicking on change api button does nothing
  • FEP-5934 Default parameter value overwrites existing value for sent mails
  • FEP-126 Deleted Fortnox projects still visible under project if they previously haven't been set to status inactive
  • FEP-5916 Wrong mail template name in onboarding reminders
  • FEP-5610 COMPLETED projects visible for new dimensions
  • FEP-5886 paxml error when sending report with deleted person
  • FEP-5936 Cannot save credit salary type in user settings
  • FEP-5932 Pagination broken on Sent emails page
  • FEP-5905 Fix license name for new Fortnox-related strings
  • FEP-5899 Validation messages missing from backend string files
  • FEP-5893 Incorrect subject string IDs for onboarding reminders
  • FEP-5892 Original amount incorrect after card transaction split
  • FEP-5859 Adjustment POL custom report recipient
  • FEP-5490 Can't sort FILES by creator
  • FEP-5889 Ugly truncation of account column values in new admin user view payment methods table
  • FEP-5888 Missing "payment methods" heading in new user view
  • FEP-2994 Partner settings, country dropdown jumps back to Sweden (hardcoded)
  • FEP-5748 Norwegian tax-free allowances always zero
  • FEP-5691 Searching in list of sent emails does not accept plus sign

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