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Release notes

Release Notes | 2022-06-22

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New functionality


Better text presentation of items under Done in the To Do view. For approvers it is now easier to find and see employee names of approved reports.

2022_R8 Done

Nordea First Card Realtime

During onboarding in our marketplace - If no email address is provided it’s not possible to activate Nordea First Card due to TPA agreement demands.


Support for Patch calls that MS Azure uses to do updates.

Admin UX

More helpful help text for expense categories.


The settings for applying dimensions (only new) to credit and tax accounts (payment methods and VAT) have been moved to the Dimensions tab in the Expense Management settings.

2022_R8 Dimensions


Hotfix 2022-06-08

  • Xero nightly sync not disabled after sync failure (NullPointerException)
  • NullPointerException in getEmployeeLicenseGroup()
  • R7 translations
  • Better display text for "Done" list items in to-do view
  • To-do only show heading in new view
  • NullPointerException when attempting to remove consultant from INCOMPLETE organization"

Other improvements

  • FEP-5796 Finnish wizard corrections R8
  • FEP-5771 Typo in UI string
  • FEP-5392 Import dimension values from excel only handles 10000 values
  • FEP-5265 Invoicing presentation fixes
  • FEP-5608 Price model on org level
  • FEP-5712 Static app name in UI strings
  • FEP-5710 Report page reloads in RTS view
  • FEP-2222 Temporary users search does not update page list
  • FEP-5675 Country selector in self-register seems undefined sometimes
  • FEP-5669 UI requires hard reload after release in Prod
  • FEP-4945 All Fortnox date options are not visible before recipient card is saved & re-opened
  • FEP-5559 Invalid combination of date option and Collect flag on recipient card
  • FEP-5781 Report does not balance when small fraction vat has been kept
  • FEP-5782 Clean up Xledger connection strings
  • FEP-5778 Contents of Files tab not shown for client application support consultants
  • FEP-5775 More backend typos
  • FEP-5762 OS platform set incorrectly in some cases
  • FEP-5505 Cannot download single report TLU-file from Files tab when report name contains comma
  • FEP-5764 Duplicate warning not shown for expenses (end-user mode)
  • FEP-5728 Change history actor name changed
  • FEP-5614 Org cannot be created from templates with missing account number
  • FEP-4834 Wrong level for error when mailing fail to send
  • FEP-5663 Store more diagnostic info in integration module sync
  • FEP-5760 Typo in Swedish backend string file
  • FEP-5719 "View duplicate" button displayed for no-longer-duplicate expenses
  • FEP-5696 Opencard reports does not include a generated report number
  • FEP-5736 Prevent apps from clearing card_transaction without using proper method
  • FEP-5748 Norwegian tax-free allowances always zero
  • FEP-5747 Re-exchange string files need syncing
  • FEP-5562 Download apps page
  • FEP-5625 Norwegian allowance abroad: meal deductions for partial last day are based on domestic amounts
  • FEP-5732 Password change crashes with 500 error
  • FEP-5556 Automatic license upgrade only counts receipts expenses and not travel or mileages
  • FEP-4080 Wrong formatting for the licenses .csv
  • FEP-5650 Api creates employee where endDate already has passed
  • FEP-5679 NullPointerException in getEmployeeLicenseGroup()
  • FEP-5647 Xero nightly sync not disabled after sync failure (NullPointerException)
  • FEP-5548 StaleObjectStateException when saving output with report attachments to Files (TLU files)
  • FEP-5713 xledger sync can fail with NullPointerException when dimension is not properly setup causing employees missing
  • FEP-5670 Category preset: Change logging when accounting group presetValues not found
  • FEP-5421 Hogia sync stops working for organizations with switched ca
  • FEP-5699 Inconsistent validation of duplicate expenses
  • FEP-5770 Typo in backend string
  • FEP-5707 Duplicates only detected first time a report is submitted
  • FEP-5767 Wrong use of "total" in org dashboard
  • FEP-5745 Multi select breaks when changing hits per page in user view
  • FEP-5743 Add possibility to select all users on all pages when multi selecting in user view
  • FEP-5726 Add field for selecting page in paginator for user view
  • FEP-5687 Unclear error handling in users view tab Api keys
  • FEP-5686 Temporary users view multi select breaks when containing duplicates
  • FEP-4115 Bulk job stuck due to emoij in expense_reports_export.export_voucher_json Part 1
  • FEP-5671 View duplicate button visible after only duplicate expense has been removed by end user
  • FEP-5552 Password changed mail (password-changed, TEMPLATE_PASSWORD_CHANGE) has no subject

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