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Release notes

Release notes | 2022-04-21

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New functionality


New recipient that supports “Bills to pay”

Admin rejected report

Previously we only sent back the report to the user without proper notification and information to the user.

Improved report history

Correction of activities to be aligned with reality and full history of all events performed on a report.

Hot fix

Hotfix 2022-04-06

  • New mileage reimbursement levels for a specific customer

Hotfix 2022-04-07

  • Norwegian tax-free meal deduction for last day in multi-day trip is not applied on salary recipient

Other improvements

  • FEP-5233 Creating a Representation expense category does not present internal/external choice
  • FEP-5186 Onboarding: Deleting VAT account does not clear VAT field
  • FEP-5231 Exception when attempting to create fuel benefit periods for organization not having fuel benefits
  • FEP-4321 Sorting of Visma TLU file
  • FEP-4953 Employees also functioning as a consultant having multiple externalSourceIds can lose an externalSourceId depending on order
  • FEP-5223 Reduce session timeout for SSO login
  • FEP-4512 MyPurchases transaction dates barely visible in apps with dark mode
  • FEP-4969 Mandatory flag missing for required card configuration options
  • FEP-4958 Eurocard pdf missing file extension 
  • FEP-3363 Dimension that should only be active on one category still lingers when changing to another category
  • FEP-4911 Hide chart of accounts and salary codes in Fortnox
  • FEP-3915 No email or push for end-users when sending back a report from admin view with a message
  • FEP-5197 Norwegian tax-free meal deduction for last day in multi-day trip is not applied on salary recipient
  • FEP-5168 Visma Lön Smart:  Lookup of employee guid sometime fails due to case sensitivity 
  • FEP-3168 PDF uploaded to fortnox contains error instead of receipts
  • FEP-4329 Error messages in report view shown in wrong language
  • FEP-5198 Approval help texts are all over the place
  • FEP-5083 Validation missing for Column name in Excel mapping
  • FEP-5060 Misleading texts describing number of accounts

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