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Release notes

Release Notes | 2022-10-26

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New functionality

Receipt basis end-point

We have developed a new end-point to provide a solution for integrators that only need the expense basis and information from the report.

User view - dimensions

Now it is possible to see dimensions with user presets in the user view.


Better export of dimensions when exporting users

Dimension presets for users are now part of the user export, making it easier to see which users have preset values. Each dimension gets a column in the user export Excel file. The organization name is now included in the name of the export file, to make it easier to find the right file.

Balancing report

We have added pagination and the possibility to delete old reports.


Infobric Fleet integration - update

Infobric Fleet has suffered from an old integration, which has led to us temporarily removing it from our Marketplace. We have now updated the integration and will activate this function again.

Xledger Expense Base integration

As of this release, the new Xledger Expense Base integration will be available. Initially for pilot customers, but soon for all.



  • FEP-6324: Recipient matrix is ignored for old accounting if review mode is off for one of the multiple recipients
  • FEP-6611: SEPA and SALA are not allowed in the same iso payment file according to Handelsbanken


  • UI translations


  • HTML receipts (big ones) could occasionally fail to be rendered to an expense image. Now they are safely taken care of. (FEP-5157)
  • Reports could be sent to the recipient even if the output matrix was configured not to do so. Occurred when review mode was disabled and the organization was on Old Accounting (FEP-6324)
  • Emojis have caused us problems! Now we handle them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The Organization structure view has new scrollbars for improved navigation in the Departments and Dimensions lists. (FEP-6002)

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