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Release notes

Release Notes | 2023-03-24

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New functionality

Improvements to Xledger mileages

New field 'flag4' required for expense type used in milage.

Bompeng is now included in the amount for the expense with total km, and flag4 is set to true in the same expense if bompeng is present. In that case amount for bompeng is also sent in amount4. Bompeng is also included in currencyAmount.

Also added details of the type of expense to the description (e.g. km, km/bompeng, passenger, etc.) for clarity.

White label

In order to become a pure WL solution, we also need a way to hide where we expose Findity in the product. The Findity brand can now be hidden in the web application and on the reports.

Connect API - Part 1

The first part of our new Connect API, for external development of outbound integrations. We now have endpoints for working not only report by report but with our accounting/payroll structure, for example, grouped by employee.

New functions in the report view

An updated and easier-to-use report view for administrators is coming in this release. The improvements include:

  • The Split expense function is now available to Administrators. Splitting is easily done for each expense under the Ready to send menu.
  • You can create new categories directly from the Edit mode and choose whether they should be visible to users. This is good for those who have used Manual accounting before.
  • More tailored! Choose what columns show in the report view and customise the experience according to your way of working.
  • The Administrators can now zoom in on the receipt in the report view.
  • When the administrator deletes a report, the associated expense is now also deleted instead of being sent back to the user. The option to send reports back to the user for adjustments works as before.

Want to learn more about the updates and see before and after pictures? Click here to download a .pdf


  • SD Worx - Lønn file - New standardized format of the file. Changes have been made to columns and the order of columns to reflect the standard format imported by SD Worx.
  • Fixed hardcoded redirect URL in Datev integration.
  • The mileage image broken in the report preview for new accounting is now fixed. Cannot connect Visma eEkonomi with new accounting; it is now fixed.
  • Visma Huldt & Lillevik - file integration now support version 2 of the file format.
  • Calculation correction on accounting basis PDF.
  • Improved image quality in the PDF report.
  • Improved transaction presentation in My Purchases.
  • Food benefits amount is no longer added in the expense summary on the Accounting summary PDF.
  • Performance improvements on the corporate card page.
  • Encoding fixes that previously displayed ugly email addresses in emails.
  • Mileage maps were broken in the expense report, now fixed.
  • Fixes for SCIM cost center management.
  • Improvement of Payment file ISO20022. Before creating a payment row, we check that it is not a negative amount. If the amount is negative we stop the transaction with a message for the administrator to resolve the problem.
  • Permission updates on the Report Administrator role.


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