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Release notes

Release notes | 2023-12-20

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New functionality

  • We have implemented a generic endpoint for all integrators, so no need to use the white-labeled domain URL. Now, they can access all endpoints on or, but all old and current URLs will continue to be supported.

  • To increase our security, we removed the authentication token from the URL.

  • We are now ready with the upgrade of the Partner views. This upgrade is designed to enhance the experience for Partner Administrators.

    New features you can expect in each view:

    Manage columns: Tailor your display and choose what you want to see.
    Easy searching: Finding the right organisation has never been easier.
    Advanced filtering: Sort your list with ease.
    Enhanced pagination: Navigate through the list of organisations quickly and efficiently.

    Customizable columns: Display what matters to you.
    Intuitive filtering: Sorting your list is now a smooth process.
    TemplateID: Keep track of templates effortlessly.

    Administrators and consultants
    Add new administrators: Expand your team with new administrators to the Partner.
    Consultant management: Assign new consultants to one or several organisations.
    Delete with ease: Remove a consultant or Partner Admin without hassle.

    Administer partners
    Efficient management: Customisable columns and easy searching for partners.
    Quick navigation: Fast loading and pagination for managing numerous partners.

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  • Automile - A problem with connecting the organisation to Automile is now fixed.

Latest updates to the Knowledge base

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2023-10-18: How do we add a deductible part of VAT, for example, rental car?

2023-10-18: I submitted a report with a manually created expense, but now I have received bank transactions on my user for the same expense/receipt. What should I do?

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